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Suggested dates for tournament Saturday 16th September. Play to commence at 10am and finish by roughly 7pm (dependent on number of teams)

Cost £18 Per player

o Team consists of 2-3 girls and 2-3 boys
o Multiple teams can represent a club. Teams should label themselves in order of rank (ie Team A, Team B)

o Initial round of boxes of three or four groups
o Winner of each box proceeds to positional 1-3 box
o Second place of each box proceeds to positional 4-6 box
o Third (and fourth) place each proceed to equivalent boxes
o In a match there are 5 games to be played:
  o 1 Singles (women or man can represent team)
  o 1 Boys Doubles
  o 1 Girls Doubles
  o 2 Mixed Doubles
o Ensures that all teams get 4 games minimum

Rules of Play
o In each of the five events played to 'best of 3 games', the first two games will be played to 'first to 9' with no extended scoring or need for a clear winning margin.
o Games can be won 9-8 so it really is winner takes all.
o If the score line reaches 1-1in games, then a final game tie-break will be played out with its own game-changing scoring system, unique to the AJ Bell NBL
o Adding to the electric atmosphere, the final game tie-break will be fast and full of tension as it plays to 'first to 5 points' or is won by the team player who achieves a clear three point lead up to 5 - whichever is earlier!
o To encourage fast starts and rousing comebacks, tie breaks can also be won 3-0 or 4-1 in addition to the 'first to 3' scoring format so there is extra incentive for players to come out firing for the win.
o POWER PLAY – can be used once per player per game event (once in a singles or doubles game). Power play is a coloured shuttle that can only be used by the current server. They must switch to the coloured shuttle for their serve and replace the shuttle at the end of the rally. If the server who selected power play wins the rally they gain 2 points instead of 1. If their opponent wins the rally they only claim the normal 1 point.
o Adapted from NBL rules:
o During tournament, play may be extended by increasing the number of ties per game or number of points.

o Seeding will be based upon players ranking, grading and achievement in tournaments/ local leagues. Where no data available the tournament referee will make the decision.
o If a team is considered to have an unfair advantage (based upon player/ teams ranking or placing in recent leagues and tournaments, or using then a handicap may be awarded to opposing teams. This decision will be made by the tournament referee and a committee.

o First place plate/ trophy
o Second and third place prizes
o Wooden spoon

Venue - The Hereford Academy, Marlbrook Road, HR27NG (6 courts) ENTER EVENT